Stadium Hoppers was born in 2015 when founder and co-owner Richard Crick went looking for a scratch football map to track his 92 journey. After searching the web he found nothing of merit and decided to bring the idea to life. With the help of recruited friend Richard Blaxall, Stadium Hoppers was brought to life and a new stadium brand had been born.

This brand identity culminates from two genuine football fans who’s passion for the beautiful game, the stadia that houses it and feel for the football family community is unprecedented. We define a Stadium Hopper as anyone who has the same passion, wherever in the world you maybe, whatever your sport and whoever your team.

“a Stadium Hopper as anyone who has the same passion, wherever in the world you maybe, whatever your sport and whoever your team”

Since then Stadium Hoppers has vastly expanded from creating unique stadium and sports products to be renowned social media influencers and a well respected brand in the stadium and football world. With a committed following of over 18,000 social media followers their reach expands every day.

Numerous partnerships and projects have included offering unique stadium related trips, approaches for fan engagement consultancy and collaboration with professional clubs, companies and social media accounts worldwide.

Meet the Team
Richard Blaxall & Richard Crick
richard@stadiumhoppers.co.uk, 07849588495 / 07853364624
One is a Stadia geek, scratch map enthusiast, seldom seen without a camera, sunday league stalwart and a freelance photographer. The other is a Football fan, scratch map enthusiast, traveller of the world, sunday league magician and works in public health.
"This great idea was sent to our office last week and we couldn't wait to get it up on the wall."
REVIEW: Stadium Hoppers Football Ground Scratch Map
Premier League Preview
"The ideal gift for any English football fan, finally it is possible to map your travel across the division’s top four tiers using this excellent maxi-poster."
Reviewing StadiumHoppers Football Map
The Boot Room
"It quickly comes to life, as a striking visual representation of where you've been and where you must visit."
The Stadium Hoppers Football Map
Connor Armstrong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We love the map so much we have made it part of our programme away day feature"
Leyton Orient Football Club
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Well isn't that a spiffing idea! I look forward to scratching off the stadiums I played at!"
Gordon Banks OBE and England 1966 World Cup winner
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Very impressed with the service. My partner who is a massive fan of stadia was very impressed with the product!"
Amazon Happy Customer 'Kimilaw'
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