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Hall of Fame - Jamie Vardy

Our Stadium Hoppers Hall of Fame would like to welcome Jamie Vardy.

We are going to reguarly feature professional footballers who have made the move through the four divisions from Football League Two to the Premier League. As part of this, we will find out which stadiums the players have graced and ultimately work out which professional is on their way to completing our Stadium Hoppers Scratch Football Map poster.

Englands new star striker may have risen to fame for his recent record breaking consecutive goalscoring record, eclipsing Manchester United's enigmatic striker Ruud Van Nistlerooy (of whoms price tag would have bought you an entire team of Jamie Vardy's, 5 substitute Jamie Vardy's and an additional 3 Jamie Vardy's left at home!)

But did you know that on Jamie's rise to stardom over the last five years he's graced exactly half of the England's current 92 football league stadiums on the way! And it's for that reason Jamie Vardy's having a party... and you thought it was because of the goals!

Chat sh*t, get banged!

Stadiums Hopped: 46
Started Hopping: 26th August 2011
First Hopped at: Fleetwood Town, Highbury Stadium
First Goal Hopped at: Fleetwood Town, 10th September 2011

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