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Hall of Fame - Jamie Cureton

Stadium Hoppers would like to roll out the players tunnel for Jamie Cureton our second Hall of Fame inductee.

The football league veteran has often been the 5ft 8in “little man” in a big man, little man front two! In a career spanning 21 years and having no signs of stopping the striking ace has graced more clubs than John Terry has had controversies (that’s a lot of clubs!). Currently with the Daggers in League Two Jamie has netted for eleven football league clubs and earned legendary status at clubs like Reading FC and Colchester United for the parts he played in the clubs histories.

You Jamie have amassed an impressive 80 different Stadium Hops and you’re still netting in almost every other start at the age of 40. That is why you sir, make the Stadium Hoppers Hall of Fame!

Stadiums Hopped: 80
Started Hopping: 21st September 1996
First Hopped at: Plymouth Argyle, Home Park
First Goal Hopped at: Memorial Stadium, Bristol Rovers on 28th September 1996

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