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Hall of Fame - Ricardo Fuller

All the way from Kingston Jamaica… Stadium Hoppers would like to welcome to the Hall of Fame Potters legend Ricardo Fuller.

The Stoke Slapper (and I’m not commenting on how many of those are around) maybe well known for being one of the only players in the world to have been sent off for attacking his own team captain, but the current Latics front man has also hopped some of the England’s finest stadiums including Old Trafford, St James Park and Anfield. Despite his slightly aggressive nature at times Fuller is still remembered fondly at The Britannia and at many of the other clubs he’s graced.

As well as some elating highs in his career at the highest level the striker has also had some lows… Well he played in Scotland for a start… Had to play up front alongside Todorov… as well as having various brushes with the law. Nevertheless we won’t hold this against him and he still sits proudly next to Jamie Vardy and Jamie Cureton in the Stadium Hoppers Hall of Fame! I mean who could hold a grudge against a man who rebuilt his Grandmother’s house after riots back home in Jamaica?! We certainly can’t!Welcome Ricardo but please… play nicely with the other boys!

Stadiums Hopped: 60
Started Hopping: 10th August 2002
First Hopped at: Deepdale, Preston North End
First Goal Hopped at: Deepdale, Preston North End on 10th August 2002

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