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Stadium Hoppers create products that are invented for passionate sporting fans or 'Stadium Hoppers' who share in their pride of following their team or sport whichever stadium it takes them too.

Based in the United Kingdom, Stadium Hoppers provides a physical platform for all dedicated sporting fans to showcase their dedication for their traveling support.

Our first product, Football Scratch Map, is a maxi-poster design that incorporates a unique scratch surface to enable fans to scratch off and reveal Football stadiums as and when they are visited.

Anyone can be a football ‘Stadium Hopper’. A hopper may be trying to find the best half-time pie across the nation, chasing membership to the iconic ‘92’ or just a bit of a stadium anorak in general. To reveal your visited grounds we don’t expect you to know the exact capacity of somewhere like Deepdale, Preston North End (by the way it’s 23,404) you may just be there visiting as part of the ‘Cod Army’ or as a ‘Tractor Boy’!

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